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This Wiki site is about the recognition of the human speech. It covers the state of the art in modern speech recognition by explaining the different steps of the recognition process. Each step, from the fundamentals of speech itself, to the different processing steps, is explained in the relevant section of the page. Each page contains a short introduction to grasp the general idea of the step as well as an advanced description of the concept. As there are a lot of different mathematical techniques in speech recognition, a comparison of common concepts is also provided.

The following flowchart gives an overview of the recognition process. Click on each item to get to the relevant page. In addition, you can directly select the article relevant for you in the top navigation bar. Some general concepts are assumed, so check out the Basics section if you get into trouble reading the articles.





This Wiki has been written by participants of the Dataprocessing Seminar WS 14/15 at TU-München, supervised by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Kleinsteuber.